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Working Directory:/builds/ynezz/openwrt-procd/build
Command Line:make -j1 VERBOSE=1 all
Clang Version:Debian clang version 11.1.0-++20210310035219+1fdec59bffc1-1~exp1~20210310145834.173
Date:Sun Mar 28 15:33:22 2021

Bug Summary

Bug TypeQuantityDisplay?
All Bugs4
Argument with 'nonnull' attribute passed null1
Logic error
Dangerous construct in a vforked process1
Stack address stored into global variable1
Potential insecure implementation-specific behavior in call 'vfork'1


Bug Group Bug Type ▾ File Function/Method Line Path Length
APIArgument with 'nonnull' attribute passed nullservice/instance.cinstance_run40267View Report
Logic errorDangerous construct in a vforked processstate.cperform_halt1175View Report
SecurityPotential insecure implementation-specific behavior in call 'vfork'state.cperform_halt1161View Report
Logic errorStack address stored into global variableinitd/mkdev.cmkdev1263View Report